Date Front Range Elevation Class    

 Grays Peak 


2   w/Torreys

 Torreys Peak 


2   w/Grays

 Mt. Evans 


2   w/Bierstadt

 Longs Peak 



 Pikes Peak 



 Mt. Bierstadt 


2   w/Mt Evans
Date Tenmile Range Elevation Class    

 Quandary Peak 


Date Mosquito Range Elevation Class    

 Mt. Lincoln 



 Mt. Cameron 



 Mt. Bross 



 Mt. Democrat 



 Mt. Sherman 


Date Sawatch Range Elevation Class    

 Mt. Elbert 



 Mt. Massive 



 Mt. Harvard 



 La Plata Peak 



 Mt. Antero 



 Mt. Shavano 



 Mt. Princeton 



 Mt. Belford 



 Mt. Yale 



 Tabeguache Peak 



 Mt. Oxford 



 Mt. Columbia 



 Missouri Mountain 



 Mt. of the Holy Cross 



 Huron Peak 


Date Elk Mountains Elevation Class    

 Castle Peak 



 Maroon Peak 



 Capitol Peak 



 Snowmass Mountain 



 Conundrum Peak 



 Pyramid Peak 



 North Maroon Peak 


Date San Juan Mountains Elevation Class    

 Uncompahgre Peak 



 Mt. Wilson 


4   w/ Wilson Pk and El Diente

 El Diente Peak 


3   w/ Wilson and Wilson Pk

 Mt. Sneffels 



 Mt. Eolus 


3    w/ N. Eolus

 Windom Peak 



 Sunlight Peak 



 Handies Peak 



 North Eolus 


3   w/ Mt Eolus

 Redcloud Peak 



 Wilson Peak 


3   w/ Wilson Pk and El Diente

 Wetterhorn Peak 



 San Luis Peak 



 Sunshine Peak 


Date Sangre de Cristo Range Elevation Class    

 Blanca Peak 


d2   w/ Ellingwood Pt

 Crestone Peak 



 Crestone Needle 



 Kit Carson Peak 



 Challenger Point 



  Humboldt Peak 



 Culebra Peak 



 Mt. Lindsey 



 Ellingwood Point 


d2   w/ Blanca - Camp

 Little Bear Peak 





August 199  Long's Peak  Home

July 2001 Mt. Bierstadt and Mt. Evans Home

July 2006 Mt. Belford and Mt. Oxford Home

July 2006 Mt. of the Holy Cross Home

June 30,2007 Grey's Peak and Torres peak. Home

The weather during this time is nothing less then HOT. The temperature in Denver today is predicted to be around 100 degrees (and it did reach that). As I started morning journey my 2000 Suburban the temperature on the thermometer read a cool 65 degrees at 5:00 am in the morning. On my routine morning to climb a 14er I make a stop the "gas n go" just off Parker Road and E470. It is here I fill up with gas and stock up on nutrition bars, nuts and various snacks. I was pleasantly surprised to see a gallon of gas has dropped to a price of 2.97/gallon. Of course I did not forget my coffee fill-up.

As I drove up I70 towards the Bakersfield exit the temperature dropped to an even cooler 40 degrees. The mountain trail to the trailhead was quite rough. I was fortunate to have a SUV. At the trailhead there were already several people starting up the pair of mountains. The sun is just starting its way up in the sky as I start up the mountains (0630). The trail is gentle and seems to be easier than the other hikes prior. I managed the ascent to Torres Peak in a time of 2 hours and 20 minutes (0850).

Torres Peak 30 June 2007

Here I rested for about a few minutes, ate some trail mix and re-hydrated. After signing the register and asking for help with a single photo, I headed over to the other peak. At 0950 I was on Grey's peak staring back at Torres. 

Grey's Peak 30 June 2007


I a few moments of awe at the view and a reciprocated snap shot, I headed down the hill. I must say that the tourist on  the hill are more pleasant than ones I have met anywhere else. Saying that, I was getting slightly tired of "good-morning"ing to everyone group I passed along the way. It was a busy day on the mountain trails. Even the mountain goats got in the act. Down the hill near the rock out cropping about half a dozen of these creatures displayed boldness and greeted all hikers along the trail.

Goats on the trail 30 June 2007


It was pleasant to reach the trailhead before noon (1120). And to end the day hike is a nice 72 mile return trip home in a nice air conditioned vehicle.


July 3 ,2007 Quandary peak.  Home

I have found a friend to hike with me this day. Mikey (yes my son) has agreed to come with me up this peak. I feel some hesitation in his agreement to do this. I say that Mike is a person who would prefer not to expense too much energy when have some father son time. I hope he has a good time and enjoys the outdoors this day as much as I will.

I have to say that he was a total troop. A couple of nudges and the 12yr old was up and ready. New shoes in hand and we are off. One quick stop at loag and Jug to fill up on gas and nutrition bars. Shortly after the start of the 116 mile trek to Quandary peak my partner was sound asleep, as I expected. Michael Jr. has never been a conversation piece on any road trip but this is by no means a bad thing. He is a pleasant companion on any trip.


We hit the trail head shortly after 7.00am. It is difficult for Michael to catch his breath. I must say that anyone who thinks they can just hike a 14er with no training is mistaken. We managed to make it to about 13000 feet when Michael was in need of some compassion.

Mikey at 13000'

I set him up with my pack pack which had ample supply of water, food, first aid kit and rain gear. I instructed him to stay put and greet all passers-by's.


Quandary Peak 3 July 2007


I quickly got on the trail and made it up and back in about 1 and 1/2 hours. He was happy to see me. We ventured back down the mountain and arrived at about 1.30 p.m.. Again we got on the road and within 5 minutes he was sound asleep for the 116 mile trip back home. He woke up just as we were nearing home. Again I thanked him for the company on the trip.


July 6 ,2007 Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross Home


this day was all about completing these four peaks quick enough and still be able to make it to Colorado Springs and watch Ty's double header starting at 1500.


I was late getting on the road this morning. I left the drive at 0550. 122 miles later I arrived at the trailhead at Kite lake. This lake has a great camping area next to it. I may bring up some of the family for an overnight campout here someday. The cost to camp is only $7.00/night.


I made the trailhead at 0823 a.m. and took off immediately. This was the latest I have ever started an ascent and I was concerned about the time needed to reach all four peaks and still be able to make the games in Colorado Springs. The climb to Democrat was first in line. I reached the peak at 0930. Just a little over an hour.


Democrat Mountain 6 July 2007

(Mountain ranges to the West)


I made a couple of acquaintances at the top with a couple from Breckenridge and four senior fellas from Ft. Collins.

I stayed just over 5 minutes on Democrat and then proceeded down to the saddle and over to the other three. Cameron was next on the way and I walked right over the register (1100) and continued on to Lincoln. Lincoln was an easy jog from Cameron and I reached the peak at 1116.


Lincoln Mountain 6 July 2007

(Bross Mountain in the background)


It was lunch time so I decided to eat three more power bars up here on Lincoln. There was no-one else on this peak so I had to take the picture myself. Happy to say it turned out good enough. No time to loose so I headed straight over to Bross Mountain. Arrival time was 1205. One quick photo and it's off to the trailhead.


Bross Mountain 6 July 2007

(Lincoln on the right and Cameron on the Left)


I went down the face of Bross mountain. There was a large amount of scree on the face. It was actually quite easy to ski down the face. 1320 arrival at the trailhead and it's off to Colorado Springs. About 100 miles down highway 9 and west on highway 24. Arrival at the game was 1530.


July 21 ,2007 Mt. Sherman Home


I headed out the door at 0330 thinking the drive might be long. The weather at home was a warm 71 degrees. The drive as it stands was not that bad. Highway 285 is the shortest way to go to Fairplay where the mountain is. I was at the trailhead at 0600. the temp was 41 degrees and I could tell that the weather might be an issue later in the day.



Very easy climb to the old mine (before the saddle). At the mine I decided to go right instead of left to the saddle. As noted in red on the topo map I scaled the south face of the mountain. This was definately quicker but far more trickier. The climb at from this point on is "hand and foot". As I ascended the face the rock became very loose. I was concerned about 2/3 the way up when the footing kept slipping away. Going back down did not appear to be an option so I carefully traversed the face for about another 45 minutes. Eventually I reached a point about 100 feet from the summit and the ground started to stabilize and level out.

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Mount Sherman 21 July 2007


I reached the summit at 0750 took a short break and headed back down the trail. I reached the trailhead at 0900 and headed home. So I guess I climbed my first "class 3" for the year.


August 12,2007 Mt. Elbert Home


Linda and I headed out the door at 0400. She seemed excited to tackle what appeared to her to be a gentle climb up a mountain with her dad. Well, we arrived at the trailhead at 0615 and started up the hill. About 15 minutes up the trail we needed to rest for a breather. You see, this was Linda's first mountain climb and her perception of the the mountain was from the passenger seat. She quickly came to appreciate the stamina and endurance necessary to tackle a mountain. She was a real trooper. She told me after the assent that she wanted to quit several times. I was proud to say that we made the summit in 4 hours. At 1015 we reached the peak and took the following pictures. Obvious happiness is all over her face.



Mount Elbert 12 August 2007


Part of the happiness was that she thought going down was easy. Well, about 20 minutes down from the top her feet started to hurt and a blister started to form. Her and I decided to think about something else for the remainder of the trip down the mountain. That thought was of Burger King. HA HA


August 19,2007 Mt. Evans Home


Linda, Katie Rauh and myself went up to Summit lake and took off on the North side of Mt Evans. Katie was definitely struggling because it was her first mountain climb. She was a trooper and succeeded and climbing the mountain.


July 24,2008 Mt. Sneffels Home


Drove up from AZ on my way back home and stopped off to climb this Mt. Like a fool I forgot my map in the car and did not take the right route to the top. I climbed about 3/4 of the way and could go no further.


Mount Sneffels (Saddle) 24 August 2008


I will have to attempt this mountain again.


August 31,2008 Mt. Massive Home


Left the house on Yampa Street at 3:30 am. The temperature was a mild 64 degrees. One Hundred twenty five miles later at the trailhead the temperature was a cool 44 degrees. Fall was definitely knocking on the door of summer. The time was 6:10 am and the parking lot was about half full. Since I've been away for six months and felt I was not ready for the shorter yet more difficult route up the southwest trail which was only 8.4 miles, I decided it wise to take the longer, more gentle slope of the East trail. The length was over 13 miles but I was not in a hurry. After making the mistake at Mt Sneffels earlier in the month, I made it a priority to do this one right.


Mount Massive 31 August 2008


I took off at 6:10am and made the top at 10:10 am. I was happy with the time it took considering how out of shape I felt I was. I did pass 2 sets of hikers and no-one passed me. I consider that a rough gauge of just how out-of-shape I am. I descended the mountain on the same route and passed another set of hikers and no-one passed me. I took a couple of pictures of the scenery on the way down (see below).



A word of note, there is ample camping down at Halfmoon campgrounds. Might be a good place to camp someday.


July 18,2009 Mt. Yale Home


Left the house on Yampa Street at 2:00 am. The temperature was a mild 64 degrees. One Hundred forty miles later at the trailhead the temperature was a cool 44 degrees. It was a breezy morning. I started up the trail at 5.00 am and the parking.  lot was about half full. It has been a year since I last climbed one and to be honest I haven't been exercising as much. It definetly showed. About 2 miles into this 8 mile roundtrip and 4800' vertical ascent to the top I was finding it more difficult than usual to breath. It was a busy day and everybody was passing me. I was slowing down and didn't like it. However, I did suck it up and continued to the top. I reached the top in just under 5 hours. On the descent I was thinking alot. Primarily how I let myself get into this subpar shape. It was an eye-opener.


Mount Yale 18 July 2009

A word of note, there is some tent camping along the trail.


June 6, 2010 Mt. Mt Huron Home


Left the house on Yampa Street at 2:00 am. The temperature was a mild 64 degrees. One Hundred ==== miles later at the trailhead the temperature was a cool 44 degrees. It was a breezy morning. I started up the trail at 6.00 am and the parking.  lot was.....  It has been almost two years since I last climbed one, just returned from Iraq and need to break into the climbing mode on an easier one. To be honest I haven't been exercising as much. It definetly showed. About 2 miles into this 6 mile roundtrip and vertical ascent to the top I was finding it more difficult than usual to breath. It was a busy day and everybody was passing me. I was slowing down and didn't like it. However, I did suck it up and continued to the top. I reached the top in just under 5 hours. On the descent I was thinking alot. Primarily how I let myself get into this subpar shape. It was an eye-opener.

Mount Huron 6 June 2010

A word of note, there is Great camping at the trail head and on the CR 390.


June 19, 2010 Handies Peak Home


Left the house on Yampa Street around 1730 on Saturday shortly after a meeting at Vista Peak and picking up Harley. The temperature was a warm 94 64 degrees and sun, sun and more sun. two Hundred ninety miles later we pulled up just short of the trailhead. It was dark and the twenty miles of unimproved road just made me tired. Harley and I slept in the back of the suburban til about 0500 am. We continued up the trail to the trailhead. This was Harleys first hike and I figured I would test him on an easy one. He did quite well going up the mountain as he was more or less pulling the whole way. However on the way down he had a different pace. he was more sure footed and I found myself often waiting up for him. We left the trailhead at 0630 and summited at 0840 and back to the trailhead at 1010. The pace was good and the feet barely hurt. I think this class 1 hike is partly the cause but I think the old body is getting used to the altitude and slopes again. It's off to training this week and next down in Colorado Springs. I hope to get another couple done next weekend.


Handies Peak 19 June 2010


Handies Peak 19 June 2010

Harley's first 14er and cautious of his steps


A word of note, there is camping along Cinnamon Pass Rd leading up to the trailhead. The road is rough and is a great place for offroad vehicle usage such as ATVs and Jeeps. Alot of elevation ..... and views are AWSOME!!!!. And Lake City is 55 miles South of Gunnison and is definitely a place to revisit and explore.



August 22, 2010 Mt Antero Home


Left the house on Yampa Street around 0330 with Linda, Anna and Linda's friend Katie. Set out to finish Antero which was started with Jane two weeks prior. Took the little Jeep specifically for it's agility up the 4x4 trail which  would take us up to 13800'. The road was extremely rough for the little turtle. We made it to the first switchback at around 11500' and took off on foot.  The majority of the hike was on the 4x4 upto 13800. Here the trail was fairly well defined and the trip to the top took about2 hrs total. The kids were very ambitious and I appreciate the company.


Mt Antero 22 August 2010

Anna, Linda and Dad


August 28, 2010 Harvard Mt Home


Left the house on Yampa Street around 0000. Drove up to the trailhead and slept til 0500 and hit the trail in the dark. It was a great hike to above tree line. The last mile of the one way 7 mile hike was the most difficult, especially after the first six miles. I wanted initially to climb Harvard and Columbia in one day but will have to climb Columbia another day. The overall time from trailhead to top and back to trailhead was just under 8 hrs.


Mt Harvard 28 August 2010

July 23, 2011 La Plata Peak Home


A great way to celebrate the aniversary of my independence from hell. Drove up to the trailhead and about 10.00 p.m. rolled out the sleeping bag in back of the Suburban and slept till 0500. Started from the trailhead about 0550 with a cool temperature of 44 degrees. Nice considering the majority of the US East of Colorado and South has  been suffering from a heat wave not seen for quite some time. Any how made it to the top about 0910 in the morning of course. Note: Most of the individuals from outside the state came from Texas... makes sense sense the state has had the worst heat wave.


La Plata Peak 23 July 2011