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This site is in outline form according to the course syllabus. It is designed to supplement any missed lecture if you are absent for any class as well as a mechanism for implementing assignments.  Instructor Notes: are inputted by the instructor for the benefit of students. It is in this section the instructor will communicate to students any information not mentioned in class. It is the students responsibility to check this input regularly.  Chapter Topic, Assessments: Each Chapter title (notated in BLUE) is a  Power Point Presentations (if available)  and summarizes the lectures given in class. Assignments, Labs, Write-ups, and Quizzes are accessible here and are due as instructed in the syllabus. It is your responsibility to remain current on all content presented in class throughout the year. The Corresponding Exercises and assessments listed below are required to be completed by the Due Date listed. Failure to have these exercises completed by the due date may result in 0 points for the exercise. The exercise by the instructor when noted for completion. You will be able to access these exercise in class during lab time or anywhere there is internet access. Completing these assessments in a timely manner will enable you to have the maximum knowledge for an optimum score. Additional Resources: ainstructor is absent the lessons below will be tend class on a given day use the presentations below to use as a resource for study. You are reminded that you are responsible for the information covered in the lecture. These presentations are simply a resource to help you stay current with the class. Remember, failure to keep current with class work will inhibit your ability to pass the class.


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Additional Resources

1)  R-S Flip Flops

Write-Up #1

Labwork Nida “Intro to CAI”

Labwork Nida “Safety”

Quiz  "R-S Flip Flops"

In this lesson the student will ...

Rubric - Journal

Handout - RS Type Logic

Video -

Practice -

2) D Latch Flip Flops

Write-Up #2

Lab "D-Latch Flip Flop"

Quiz "D-Latch Flip Flops"

In this lesson the student will ...

Handout - D-Latch Flip Flop

Video -

Practice -

3) J-K Flip Flops

Write-Up #3

Lab "J-K Flip Flops"

Quiz "J-K Flip Flops"

In this lesson the student will ...

Handout - J-K Flip Flops

Video -

Practice -

4) PLDs

Write-Up #4

Lab "PLD's"

Quiz "PLDs"


In this lesson the student will ...

Handout - PLD's

Video -

Practice -

5) Shift Registers

Write-Up #5

Lab "Shift Registers"

Quiz "Shift Registers"

Junk Quiz

In this lesson the student will ...

Handout - Shift Registers

Video -

Practice -


6) 4 Bit Storage Registers.PPS

Write-Up #6

Lab "4 Bit Storage"

Quiz "4 Bit Storage Registers"

In this lesson the student will ...

Handout - 4 Bit Registers

Video -

Practice -

7) Up Counters

Write-Up #7

Lab "Up Counters"

Quiz "Up Counters"

In this lesson the student will ...

Handout - Up Counters

PPT 1, PPT 2

Video - Asynchronous Counter Design

Video - Asynchronous Counters (MSI)

Video - Asynchronous Counters (Modulus Design)

Video - Synchronous Counters

Video - Synchronous Counters (74LS163 MSI)

Video - Synchronous Counters (74LS193 MSI)

Video -

Practice -

8) 4 Bit Adders

Write-Up #8

Lab "4-Bit Adders"

Quiz "4 Bit Adders"

In this lesson the student will ...

Handout - 4-Bit Adders

Video -

Practice -


Lab 5C Parking Space Problem

Lab 7C 4 Bit Up Counter


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