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ELT136 Introduction to Transistors

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ELT 136 Introduces the operation and applications of bipolar transistors, JFETs and MOSFETs. Includes switching circuits, single-stage small-signal amplifiers and troubleshooting.

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Additional Resources: If an instructor is absent the lessons below will be tend class on a given day use the presentations below to use as a resource for study. You are reminded that you are responsible for the information covered in the lecture. These presentations are simply a resource to help you stay current with the class. Remember, failure to keep current with class work will inhibit your ability to pass the class.


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Chapter, Topic, and Subject

Additional Resources

  Introduction to Transistors

Write-up Exercise01"Transistors"
Labwork Nida ?if any?
Labwork Nida ?title?

Lab "
Introduction to Transistors"
Exercise "Introduction to Transistors"
Quiz "Introduction to Transistors"

In this lesson the student will describe the direction of current through bipolar Transistors, understand function and definitions of leads of transistors, calculate static current gain of bipolar transistors and determine voltages at the leads of transistors in schematic diagrams. Students will explain bipolar transistor operation with the help of the base of and collector curves. Students wil recognize a Darlington pair in a schematic diagram and state the advantages of a Darlington Pair


Handout - 02 Transistor Biasing

Supplemental Video - Transistor Basics

Supplemental Video - What is a Transistor 1

Supplemental Video - What is a Transistor 2


2    Common Emitter Amplifier

Write-up Excercise02 "Common Emitter"
Labwork Nida ?if any?
Labwork Nida ?title?

Lab "Common Emitter"
Exercise "Common Emitter"
Quiz "Common Emitter"

In this lesson the student will draw common emitter (CE) circuits and describe the operation of a transistor switching circuit. Students will explain the operation of a single-stage CE voltage amplifier, draw the wave shapes at CE amplifier leads, calculate voltage gain in decibels and troubleshoot circuits. Students will use oscilloscopes and digital multi-meter for troubleshooting circuits circuits.

Handout - 03 Loadlines

Supplemental Video -


3     Load Lines

Write-up Exercise03 "Load Lines"
Labwork Nida ?if any?
Labwork Nida ?title?

Lab "Load Lines"
Exercise "Load Lines"
Quiz "Load Lines"

In this lesson the student will develop and analyze a graphical presentation of the performance of a transistor in a circuit. Students will analyze maximum power dissipation curves and explain operating points (Q points) on the curves.

Handout - 04
Amplifier Formulas

Practice Exercises - Practice 1, Practice 2, Practice 3, Practice 4

Supplemental Video -


4    Field Effect Transistors (FETs)

Write-up Exercise04 "Field Effect Transistors "
Labwork Nida ?if any?
Labwork Nida ?title?

Lab "Field Effect Transistors"
Exercise "Field Effect Transistors"
Quiz "Field Effect Transistors"

In this lesson the student will explain the operation of field effect transistors with the help of drain curves. Students will construct and test transistor circuits and describe the characteristics and applications of power MOSFETs.


Handout - MOSFET History

Supplemental Video - Field Effect Transistor 1

Supplemental Video - Field Effect Transistor 2


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